Key Security Events for HIPAA Compliance

Account Logon
Credential Validation
The computer attempted to validate the credentials for an account
Kerberos Authentication Service
Kerberos pre-authentication failed
Kerberos Service Ticket Operations
A Kerberos service ticket was requested
An account was successfully logged on
Logon, Account Lockout
An account failed to log on
Other Logon/Logoff Events
A replay attack was detected

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Audit Policy Requirements

Category Subcategory Audit Type
Account Logon Credential Validation Success, Failure
Account Logon Kerberos Authentication Service Failure
Account Logon Kerberos Service Ticket Operations Success, Failure
Logon/Logoff Logon Success
Logon/Logoff Logon, Account Lockout Failure
Logon/Logoff Other Logon/Logoff Events Success, Failure