Event ID: 4625

An account failed to log on

An account failed to log on.

    Security ID:             %1
    Account Name:            %2
    Account Domain:          %3
    Logon ID:                %4

Logon Type:                  %11

Account For Which Logon Failed:
    Security ID:             %5
    Account Name:            %6
    Account Domain:          %7

Failure Information:
    Failure Reason:          %9
    Status:                  %8
    Sub Status:              %10

Process Information:
    Caller Process ID:       %18
    Caller Process Name:     %19

Network Information:
    Workstation Name:        %14
    Source Network Address:  %20
    Source Port:             %21

Detailed Authentication Information:
    Logon Process:           %12
    Authentication Package:  %13
    Transited Services:      %15
    Package Name (NTLM only):%16
    Key Length:              %17

This event is generated when a logon request fails. It is generated on the computer where access was attempted.

The Subject fields indicate the account on the local system which requested the logon. This is most commonly a service such as the Server service, or a local process such as Winlogon.exe or Services.exe.

The Logon Type field indicates the kind of logon that was requested. The most common types are 2 (interactive) and 3 (network).

The Process Information fields indicate which account and process on the system requested the logon.

The Network Information fields indicate where a remote logon request originated. Workstation name is not always available and may be left blank in some cases.

The authentication information fields provide detailed information about this specific logon request.
    - Transited services indicate which intermediate services have participated in this logon request.
    - Package name indicates which sub-protocol was used among the NTLM protocols.
    - Key length indicates the length of the generated session key. This will be 0 if no session key was requested.
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Event ID - 4625

Name Field Insertion String OS Example
Security ID SubjectUserSid %1 Any S-1-5-18
Account Name SubjectUserName %2 Any DC01$
Account Domain SubjectDomainName %3 Any DOMAIN
Logon ID SubjectLogonId %4 Any 0x3e7
Security ID TargetUserSid %5 Any S-1-0-0
Account Name TargetUserName %6 Any Username
Account Domain TargetDomainName %7 Any DOMAIN
Status Status %8 Any View Codes
Failure Reason FailureReason %9 Any Account locked out.
Sub Status SubStatus %10 Any View Codes
Logon Type LogonType %11 Any View Codes
Logon Process LogonProcessName %12 Any User32
Authentication Package AuthenticationPackageName %13 Any Negotiate
Workstation Name WorkstationName %14 Any ComputerName
Transited Services TransmittedServices %15 Any -
Package Name (NTLM only) LmPackageName %16 Any -
Key Length KeyLength %17 Any 0
Caller Process ID ProcessId %18 Any 0x1b8
Caller Process Name ProcessName %19 Any C:\Windows\System32\winlogon.exe
Source Network Address IpAddress %20 Any
Source Port IpPort %21 Any 0

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