Code Field Name Description
Negotiate SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\lsasrv.dll Negotiate between Kerberos and NTLM.
NegoExtender SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\negoexts.DLL Extension to negotiate with additional SSPs.
Kerberos SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\kerberos.DLL Kerberos v5 implementation.
NTLM SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\msv1_0.DLL NTLM implementation.
TSSSP SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\tspkg.DLL Implements CredSSP (SSO for TerminalServices & RDP).
pku2u SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\pku2u.DLL Implements P2P authentication (e.g. homegroups).
CloudAP SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\cloudAP.DLL Implements Azure cloud authentication.
WDigest SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\wdigest.DLL Implements digest authentication (HTTP, LDAP, ...).
Schannel SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\schannel.DLL Implements TLS (including SSL & PCT which are considered obsolete).
Microsoft Unified Security Protocol Provider SecurityPackages C:\Windows\system32\schannel.DLL

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