Code Field Name Description AttributeSyntaxOID Undefined Not a legal syntax. AttributeSyntaxOID Object(DN-DN) The fully qualified name of an object in the directory. AttributeSyntaxOID String(Object-Identifier) The object identifier. AttributeSyntaxOID Case-Sensitive String General String. AttributeSyntaxOID CaseIgnoreString(Teletex) Differentiates uppercase and lowercase. AttributeSyntaxOID String(Printable), String(IA5) Teletex. Does not differentiate uppercase and lowercase. AttributeSyntaxOID String(Numeric) Printable string or IA5-String. AttributeSyntaxOID Object(DN-Binary) Both character sets are case-sensitive. AttributeSyntaxOID Boolean A sequence of digits. AttributeSyntaxOID Integer, Enumeration A distinguished name plus a binary large object. AttributeSyntaxOID String(Octet) TRUE or FALSE values. AttributeSyntaxOID String(UTC-Time), String(Generalized-Time) A 32-bit number or enumeration. AttributeSyntaxOID String(Unicode) A string of bytes. AttributeSyntaxOID Object(Presentation-Address) UTC Time or Generalized-Time. AttributeSyntaxOID Object(DN-String) Unicode string. AttributeSyntaxOID String(NT-Sec-Desc) Presentation address. AttributeSyntaxOID LargeInteger A DN-String plus a Unicode string. AttributeSyntaxOID String(Sid) A Microsoft® Windows NT® Security descriptor.

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