ID Event Description
512 Windows NT is starting up
513 Windows is shutting down
514 An authentication package has been loaded by the Local Security Authority
515 A trusted logon process has registered with the Local Security Authority
516 Queuing of audit messages have been exhausted, leading to the loss of some audits
517 The audit log was cleared
518 A notification package has been loaded by the Security Account Manager
519 A process is using an invalid local procedure call (LPC) port
520 The system time was changed
521 Unable to log events to security log
523 The security log is full
528 Successful Logon
529 Logon Failure : Unknown username or bad password
530 Logon Failure : Account logon time restriction violation
531 Logon Failure : Account currently disabled
532 Logon Failure : The specified user account has expired
533 Logon Failure : User not allowed to logon at this computer
534 Logon Failure : The user has note been granted the requested logon type at this machine
535 Logon Failure : The specified account's password has expired
536 Logon Failure : The NetLogon component is not active
537 The logon attempt failed for other reasons
538 The user has logged off
539 Logon Failure : Account locked out
540 Successful Network Logon
548 Logon Failure : Domain SID inconsistent
549 Logon Failure : All SIDs were filtered out
551 User initiated logoff
552 Logon attempt using explicit credentials
560 Object Open
561 Handle Allocated
562 Handle Closed
563 Object Open for Delete
564 Object Deleted
565 Object Open
566 Object Operation
567 Object Access Attempt
568 Hard link creation attempt
569 Application client context creation attempt
570 Application operation attempt
571 Application client context deletion
572 Application Initialized
574 Security on object changed
576 Special privileges assigned to new logon
577 Privileged Service Called
578 Privileged object operation
592 A new process has been created
593 A process has exited
594 A handle to an object has been duplicated
595 Indirect access to an object has been obtained
596 Backup of data protection master key
600 A process was assigned a primary token