Event ID: 5136

A directory service object was modified

A directory service object was modified.

    Security ID:        %3
    Account Name:       %4
    Account Domain:     %5
    Logon ID:           %6

Directory Service:
    Name:   %7
    Type:   %8

    DN:     %9
    GUID:   %10
    Class:  %11

    LDAP Display Name:  %12
    Syntax (OID):       %13
    Value:              %14

    Type:                       %15
    Correlation ID:             %1
    Application Correlation ID: %2

Syntax (OID) [Type = UnicodeString]: The syntax for an attribute defines the storage representation, byte ordering, and matching rules for comparisons of property types. Whether the attribute value must be a string, a number, or a unit of time is also defined. Every attribute of every object is associated with exactly one syntax. The syntaxes are not represented as objects in the schema, but they are programmed to be understood by Active Directory. The allowable syntaxes in Active Directory are predefined.

Auditing:     Conditional

Recommended if object-level auditing of Active Directory is required.

Generates every time an Active Directory object is modified.

Microsoft Documentation

Event ID - 5136

Name Field Insertion String OS Example
Correlation ID OpCorrelationID %1 Any {02647639-8626-43CE-AFE6-7AA1AD657739}
Application Correlation ID AppCorrelationID %2 Any -
Security ID SubjectUserSid %3 Any ORG\UserA
Account Name SubjectUserName %4 Any UserA
Domain Name SubjectDomainName %5 Any ORG
Logon ID SubjectLogonId %6 Any 0x432344
Name DSName %7 Any org.local
Type DSType %8 Any Active Directory Domain Services
DN ObjectDN %9 Any CN=users,CN=Builtin,DC=org,DC=local
GUID ObjectGUID %10 Any CN=users,CN=Builtin,DC=org,DC=local
Class ObjectClass %11 Any user
LDAP Display Name AttributeLDAPDisplayName %12 Any userAccountControl
Syntax (OID) AttributeSyntaxOID %13 Any View Codes
Value AttributeValue %14 Any 512
Type OperationType %15 Any Value Deleted

Lookup Audit Policy Configuration Settings

C:\> AuditPol.exe /get /subcategory:"Directory Service Changes"

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