Event ID: 4725

A user account was disabled

A user account was disabled.

    Security ID:        %4
    Account Name:       %5
    Account Domain:     %6
    Logon ID:           %7

Target Account:
    Security ID:        %3
    Account Name:       %1
    Account Domain:     %2

This event generates every time user or computer object is disabled.

For user accounts, this event generates on domain controllers, member servers, and workstations.

For computer accounts, this event generates only on domain controllers.

Auditing:     Always

Volume:     Low

ISO 27001:2013 A.9.2.1
NIST 800-171: 3.1.1
NIST SP 800-53: AC-2 (4)
CMMC v2 L1: AC.L1-3.1.1
PCI 3.2.1: 10.2.5

Microsoft Documentation

Event ID - 4725

Name Field Insertion String OS Example
Account Name TargetUserName %1 Any Auditor
Account Domain TargetDomainName %2 Any DOMAIN
Security ID TargetSid %3 Any S-1-5-21-3457937927-2839227994-823803824-2104
Security ID SubjectUserSid %4 Any S-1-5-21-3457937927-2839227994-823803824-1104
Account Name SubjectUserName %5 Any UserName
Account Domain SubjectDomainName %6 Any DOMAIN
Logon ID SubjectLogonId %7 Any 0x30d5f

Lookup Audit Policy Configuration Settings

C:\> AuditPol.exe /get /subcategory:"User Account Management"

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