Event ID: 12174

Category: Performance Monitoring

EventSentry detected a potential leak for performance counter "%1" ("%2") over the last %3 hours. During this time, the counter value increased from %4 to %5, with an average increase of %6% per hour. Out of a total of %3 hours, the hourly average increased %7 times (%8%).

 Average: %9
Minimum: %10
Maximum: %11

 If available, then you should review the performance data history in the web-based reporting to determine whether you need to take action. If this counter value is not leaking memory, then you may be able to adjust the leak detection settings in the management console.

 Counter Description:

To adjust this threshold or exclude this alert:
 1. Open the management console
 2. Navigate to Packages -> System Health
 3. Locate the package "%14", expand it and click Performance / SNMP
 4. Locate the object "%15" and double-click it
 5. Click the "Alert" tab and change the "Detect Leaks" setting
 6. Save or Save and Deploy the configuration

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