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Starting with EventSentry build, the heartbeat agent can query the EventSentry database to determine a remote agent status, instead of querying the remote agent status using the Windows API. This can drastically improve the monitoring speed and is recommended for networks consisting of 50 or more Windows hosts.

To enable this functionality, the following SQL query will need to be executed on the EventSentry database:

--Built-In Database (PostgreSQL)
REVOKE ALL ON TABLE eventsentry.essysinfo FROM eventsentry_svc;
GRANT SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE ON TABLE eventsentry.essysinfo TO eventsentry_svc;

-- SQL Server
GRANT SELECT ON ESSysinfo (UptimeTimestamp) TO eventsentry_svc

-- MySQL
GRANT SELECT (computer, Uptime, UptimeMax, UptimeTimestamp), INSERT, UPDATE, UPDATE (UptimeTimestamp, lastserverinventoryupdate), DELETE ON essysinfo TO eventsentry_svc

It is also recommended to set the "Refresh uptime every" interval in the "Inventory" System Health package to 5 minutes.

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