Error Code 0x40

Definition of TGT/TGS Issue Error Codes codes.

0x40 KDC_ERR_INVALID_SIG The signature is invalid. This error is related to PKINIT. If a PKI trust relationship exists, the KDC then verifies the client's signature on AuthPack (TGT request signature). If that fails, the KDC returns an error message of type KDC_ERR_INVALID_SIG.

Error Code 0x40

Definition of Active Directory Access Codes and Rights codes.

0x40 Delete Tree Delete all children of this object, regardless of the permissions of the children. It is indicates that “Use Delete Subtree server control” check box was checked during deletion. This operation means that all objects within the subtree, including all delete-protected objects, will be deleted.

Error Code 0x40

Definition of File System Objects Access Rights codes.

0x40 DeleteChild For a directory, the right to delete a directory and all the files it contains, including read-only files.

This code may be used in the following events / insertation strings: