Error Code 0x3D

Definition of TGT/TGS Issue Error Codes codes.

0x3D KRB_ERR_FIELD_TOOLONG Field is too long for this implementation. Each request (KRB_KDC_REQ) and response (KRB_KDC_REP or KRB_ERROR) sent over the TCP stream is preceded by the length of the request as 4 octets in network byte order. The high bit of the length is reserved for future expansion and MUST currently be set to zero. If a KDC that does not understand how to interpret a set high bit of the length encoding receives a request with the high order bit of the length set, it MUST return a KRB-ERROR message with the error KRB_ERR_FIE.

This code may be used in the following events / insertation strings: