Error Code 0x20

Definition of TGT/TGS Issue Error Codes codes.

0x20 KRB_AP_ERR_TKT_EXPIRED The ticket has expired. The smaller the value for the “Maximum lifetime for user ticket” Kerberos policy setting, the more likely it is that this error will occur. Because ticket renewal is automatic, you should not have to do anything if you get this message.

Error Code 0x20

Definition of Active Directory Access Codes and Rights codes.

0x20 Write Property The right to write properties of the object.

Error Code 0x20

Definition of File System Objects Access Rights codes.

0x20 Execute (or Traverse) Execute: For a native code file, the right to execute the file. This access right given to scripts may cause the script to be executable, depending on the script interpreter. Traverse: For a directory, the right to traverse the directory. By default, users are assigned the BYPASS_TRAVERSE_CHECKING privilege, which ignores the FILE_TRAVERSE access right. See the remarks in File Security and Access Rights for more information.

This code may be used in the following events / insertation strings: