Write to event log with Python

import win32evtlogutil import win32evtlog # Here we define our event source and category, which we consider static throughout # the application. You can change this if the category is different eventDetails = {‘Source’: ‘MyApp’, # this is id from the message file ‘Category’: 1} # which was set aside for the category # Call this function to log an event def logMessage(eventID, eventType, message, eventDetails): if type(message) == type(str()): message = (message,) win32evtlogutil.ReportEvent(eventDetails[‘Source’], eventID, eventDetails[‘Category’], eventType, tuple(message)) logMessage(100, win32evtlog.EVENTLOG_INFORMATION_TYPE, (“Database Backup”, “Monitoring Database”), eventDetails) logMessage(102, win32evtlog.EVENTLOG_INFORMATION_TYPE, (“Step 1/3 complete”), eventDetails)